With quite a lot planned for the day, we were up quite early, but breakfast was very much needed. Unfortunately the “continental breakfast” (frozen muffins) offered by the hotel didn’t quite cut it, so after checking out, we returned to Aunt Emma’s Pancakes for breakfast again. We remembered when we got there that it was American Mothers Day, and the whole place was heaving with families. Eventually we got our breakfast, which was a little disappointing since they were so busy, and headed back to the motel to collect the car. The drive back to LA was uneventful, as we followed the GPS back toPasadenawhere we had abandoned Route 66 a few nights previously. Pasadena flowed into LA as Route 66 followed Santa Monica Boulevard towards the coast. Many of the 66 sights are long gone, but we were able to catch glimpses of the Hollywood sign in the distance as we drove through. Finally, at the junction of Lincoln and Olympic Streets we came to the official end of Route 66.

End of the Road

This point goes largely unmarked as the true “end of the road” is on Santa Monica Pier, so after finding a car park, that was where we went. We posed under the “66 End of the Trail” sign, never an official marker but left over from a film it still stands on the pier, where hundreds of people are photographed under it. Being on the pier, there were certain things that we could not miss; the ferris wheel, offering stunning views over the city and the ocean, the rollercoaster, and of course, candy floss.

View from the ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier

By this time it was starting to get late, so we phoned our couch surfing hosts to tell them that we were on our way. Galina, our host and her 25 year old daughter Maria welcomed us with open arms and glasses of wine. We were pretty tired after a long day, but after we had eaten dinner, Maria had planned to take us out. Maria offered to style us for the evening out, so she did my makeup (complete with false eyelashes) and put me into one of her dresses. The whole outfit was not something I would usually wear, but I went with it. The only thing I didn’t like about the whole thing was that she had darkened my eyebrows, and for someone used to having white-blonde almost invisible eyelashes this was very bizarre. The night out was fun, we went to a couple of bars, had lots of drinks bought for us (I think it’s the accent!) and ended up on the beach, where Maria hurt her foot. We then got a taxi home and, after checking that there was no glass in Maria’s cut foot, only blood and a bit of sand, we went straight to bed.