Most of today was spent hungover and recovering from last night. We lay in bed suffering for much of the morning, before I managed to drag myself up to make some scrambled eggs on toast for us. A couple of hours later, after showering, determined not to waste the whole day, we headed into LA to visit the La Brea Tar pits.

Imitation Mammoth drowning in the tar pits.

Here, in the middle of the city, tar bubbles up from underground into this lake, and has done for millions of years. Over the years, animals have gone to drink at the lake, only to become trapped by the tar, which then preserves them. They have found hundreds of animals in the excavation process, including sabre-toothed cats and woolly mammoths, now on display in the museum.

Mammoth skeleton recovered from the tar pits

The museum itself was a little over priced, but we were glad that we had the opportunity to see some of the things that have been excavated, as well as some of the projects they are currently working on. We also visited one of the excavation pits while we were there which was very interesting.

Tar pit excavation

The main tar pit smelled very strongly, as you might expect and it was fascinating to watch the tar and gas bubbles appearing on the surface of the water. Unfortunately, we had only managed to find one hour parking, so it was all too short, but we enjoyed the time that we spent there. Our next port of call was UCLA, partly because we wanted to look around the campus, but mostly because it is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer filming location. After parking the car, we spent an hour or so wandering around the campus in the sunshine, taking some photos and getting something to eat. We also wandered around the library and were very excited to recognise it from Buffy.

UCLA - as seen in Buffy

Still suffering from our hangovers, we headed back towards the car for the drive back toLong Beach. Galina greeted us at the door, telling us how worried she had been that we were not back and that she hadn’t been able to contact us since both of our phones had died (the danger of charging them at the same time I guess!). Her plans for the evening involved taking us out to see some sights around town, so after a brief sit down in the house, we headed out again. Our first stop was Signal Hill from where there were stunning views of the lights of Long Beach as well as LA in the distance. We then went for a short walk around the area before going on to our next destination, the Queen Mary, a retired ship, now permanently docked in Long Beach, which is lit up beautifully at night.

The view from Signal Hill

It was a little cold by the water so we didn’t stay long before Galina took us to the swings. Now, going swinging with a hangover isn’t the best plan, as Lizzie found out, by the time we got home she felt very ill and had to go straight to bed. I followed not long after desperately hoping that tomorrow I would feel better!