Upon discovering that Motel 6 did not provide breakfast, we decided to wait a little while and have breakfast at some point on the way toYosemite. After filling up with some very expensive gas (stupid California with its extra taxes on gas!) we programmed the GPS and headed towards Yosemite National Park.

Our first view of Bridal Veil Falls

After leaving Fresno, we passed very little civilisation before reaching Yosemite itself, so had to content ourselves with more tortilla chips for breakfast, mmm, healthy! At the entrance station we were disappointed to learn that Glacier Point was closed, but looked at the various literature that we had been given at the gate to plan our next few hours in the park. Our first stop was at an overlook for Bridal Veil Falls for a few pictures, before heading to the bottom of the falls for a closer look.

Me: "Look at the spray, it's all poufy."

The number of completely drenched people in the car park was a little daunting, but donning our walking boots we headed up the trail towards the falls. There was quite a lot of spray, and as we got closer to Vista Point, the entire path became a river and we were soaked to the skin. It was truly incredible, and well worth the discomfort and the subsequent need to clean water droplets off my camera lens. Back at the car we each changed into drier clothes to continue the drive into Yosemite Village. We passed a very pretty meadow, but there were no parking spaces for us to pull over in. Then commenced the parking disaster that is Yosemite Village on a Saturday; car parks with no marked spaces, large potholes and muddy puddles do not make for an easy car parking experience.

Some pretty water

Eventually we found a space, and Lizzie had to climb out on my side of the car because the car was parked half over a muddy lake. Rather than wait for the bus, we walked to the village store to buy something to eat that was not triangular and caught the bus up to the foot of the Yosemite Falls trailhead. The hike to the bottom of these two tier falls was pretty easy, and slightly less wet than the one to Bridal Veil Falls.

Yosemite Falls - as we were leaving the sun came out.

We took some pictures, but the white tumbling water against the flat grey sky did not make for the most inspiring photos. With this, we had exhausted everything that we could do in the short space of time that we had available so headed back to the car to drive on to San Francisco via the gift shop to buy postcards, showing the sights on much nicer days. The sun chose to show itself just as we were leaving and we pulled over a couple of times for some pictures, but with the prospect of a 3 hour drive ahead of us, knew that we couldn’t linger for too long.

A big rock, I think it might be famous, but I forget its name.

We were staying outside San Francisco, in a town called San Leandro, with Helen and Brent, friends of my great aunt Sheila. The GPS combined with Helen’s directions brought us to their door with ease and Brent welcomed us warmly (Helen was away for the weekend for work). He had already eaten, but told us to help ourselves to whatever we wanted to eat, so I attempted an omelette, which ended up as cheesy scrambled eggs, but still tasted good. The rest of the evening was spent chatting with Brent, watching some TV and taking turns to blog.