We were up pretty early this morning in order to sort out the mess that we had created by emptying the car out last night. After partially repacking the car, and containing the huge amounts of mess we headed out at about 10ish to catch BART into the city. BART was quite an expensive way to travel ($8+ each for a return ticket) but probably still worked out cheaper than bridge tolls and parking in the city. We had to ask for a little help at the station, but were soon on our way into San Francisco. Our first stop was a much needed coffee for Liz, before wandering around various craft stalls that were set up near the main ferry terminal. We spent altogether too much money at these, buying various bits of jewellery – Liz now has a bracelet made from a fork and I have a necklace with my name made from twisted silver wire. Once we were done spending money, we walked past all the piers towards the Fisherman’s Wharf area that we had earmarked the day before as somewhere to come back to. At some point during our walk it started raining, and did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon, glad we did the scenic drive yesterday then! Fisherman’s Wharf  holds a plethora of touristy shops, restaurants and expensive car parks, as well as the Alcatraz Ferry terminal. We had been told (I forget whether by a guidebook or a real person) that we HAD to go to Boudin’s Sourdough Bakery.

Some sea creatures made of bread

So this seemed like an ideal lunch spot. Due to the rain and it being lunchtime it was pretty busy, but the “rustic tomato” soup served in a sourdough breadbowl was too tempting to resist, so while Lizzie joined the battle for tables, I joined the queue to buy soup. The bakery smelled incredible, and there was an elaborate conveyor belt with baskets taking freshly baked bread from the bakery section across the ceiling towards the café. The queue was thankfully short and we were soon sitting down with our lunch; both the soup and the bread were delicious, and it was not until we had both polished off all of it that we realised that the breadbowls were an entire pound of bread. So full that we could barely move, we nonetheless ventured back into the rain, which had got heavier – joy! After visiting a few more shops and buying nothing, we had practically finished Fisherman’s Wharf, so headed a few blocks further to catch the cable car (a San Francisco must-do for tourists) back into the downtown area. There was quite a wait for the cable car, but it was fun to watch it be turned around on the turntable by hand, even though we were standing in the rain. The ride itself was fun, with the cable car going up and down San Francisco’s many steep hills.

The cable car on the turntable.

Having ridden the cable car to the end, we wandered around the shops for a while before deciding that we were done for the day and heading back to Helen and Brent’s place. The trip back on BART was pretty straight forward, although we were both inexplicably exhausted, once back in the car, we went in search of a supermarket (not as easy as it sounds) to find some vegetarian ribs for Lizzie’s dinner. Back at the house, we met Helen and her brother Christopher who was visiting from England and were immediately offered tea, proper English tea, which was wonderful. The rest of the evening was spent chatting, blogging and eating a delicious meal, before heading to bed, planning a trip to the PEZ museum the next day. (You might be amused to know that the two photos in this post were the ONLY photos I took all day… fail!)