Waking up at our now usual 8am, we decided that as cool as it sounded, the Winchester House was not worth $35 apiece and thus to have a relaxed morning of blogging before heading to the Pez Museum in the afternoon. We had breakfast with Helen and Christopher, who then went out shopping. While they were out, we booked our tickets for Alcatraz tomorrow morning and did some research into places to stay in Napa. Helen, Christopher and Brent all highly recommended a winery called V.Sattui, which also has a European market selling everything you need for a good picnic to have with your wine. This sounded great but we needed to find a place to stay close by, or that we could get back to without driving, so that we could both drink. Although we found cheap motels about 20 miles away, the local taxi firm quoted us $90 each way, so those were out of the question. Eventually, when we were on the verge of giving up Lizzie discovered a Napa Valley Shuttle Bus; I checked the schedule and managed to find a (just about) affordable hotel along the route. Tada!! With that done, after some vegetarian chicken nuggets for lunch, we headed out to the Pez Museum.


It basically consisted of a Pez store out front and a back room of about the same size housing the museum. The owner gave us a personal tour of the museum telling us about the history of Pez and showing us the rarest Pez as well as a huge number of different Pez dispensers. The museum also houses a small section on historical toys, including Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toy, the original Mr Potato Head (requires a real potato and all the pieces are spiked!) and Erector (which is called Meccano everywhere else in the world).


However the funniest non-pez section was the one devoted to “Bad Toys”; an atomic chemistry set containing radioactive materials, a chewing cabbage patch doll that chewed up several children’s fingers before being taken off the market and other such stupid ideas! Finishing in the museum we headed into the shop to choose which Pez we wanted to buy. This is when we noticed the largest Pez dispenser in the world (made by the museum owner himself!).

Us and the largest PEZ dispenser in the world.

He asked if we would like to be their Facebook photo of the day, and took a picture of us next to the Asterix Pez display. Deciding which Pez dispensers we wanted to buy both for ourselves and as gifts took a while, and just as we were leaving Lizzie spotted something… “PEZ WITCH!” It was the exact same Pez Witch as Oz gives to Willow in Buffy (3×08 Lovers’ Walk) and it was on sale for only $0.99. We excitedly told the owner about Pez being in Buffy, which he didn’t know about and after buying the Pez witch, went back to the car. Lizzie then decided she needed another and ran back in to get one, the owner meanwhile had googled the Buffy reference, and to thank Lizzie for drawing his attention to it, gave her a free witch!


Back at Helen’s place, we spent the rest of the evening blogging, starting to sort out our stuff and just generally enjoying our last evening in San Francisco. After dinner we spoke to Jen and Olivia on skype, followed by Oli. By the time we were done it was almost midnight so after a little more collecting of the stuff we had scattered around the house we went to bed.