I awoke early, having forgotten to turn off my alarm, and upon standing up discovered that I had quite a sore head. After retrieving a glass of water I went straight back to sleep for a few hours. No one else stirred for several hours until Tommy appeared at about 11ish. This was our cue to get up and get ready for the day. Once we were ready and had eaten, we watched while JD played on the Xbox while waiting for Robyn to come back before we headed into Portland. This break was very much appreciated, I for one don’t travel all that well when hungover! After an hour of driving, we got toPortlandat about half past two, only to discover that Voodoo Donuts, our first port of call was closed for remodelling. Instead we went to explore the Saturday Market, open both Saturday and Sunday. There were lots of fantastic things on sale, many of which I would have bought had budget and space constraints allowed me to. We had some pieorgis from a food cart for lunch, which were delicious before heading back to the car, as we had only paid for an hour of parking. The market ticked one of the two things we wanted to see off our list, and we then headed on to Powell’s Books, an enormous bookshop selling both new and used books, to complete our to do list. Powell’s was genuinely amazing; so large that it is split into colour coded areas with numbered aisles, with floor to ceiling shelves throughout. It is particularly useful that they mix new and used books, so you don’t have to work very hard at all to find a bargain. I could have spent hours there and come away with far too many books, but I limited myself to two, there is only a month left on the trip after all. After Powell’s we headed to Henry’s Tavern for a drink with some friends of Tommy’s. They had a huge selection of different beers and I tried a raspberry flavoured one which was delicious. After our drink we headed back to the car to drive back to Salem. Both Lizzie and I were feeling our late night at this stage, and when we stopped off at the supermarket to buy veggie burgers planned to buy energy drinks. We felt a little less pathetic in needing these when Tommy also bought one and Robyn bought a coffee, at least we weren’t the only ones feeling our late night. After leaving Safeway, we headed over to Tommy’s parents’ house for a family meal. Much like the night before with Tommy and his friends, we were welcomed with open arms and offered drinks. We had a wonderful indoor BBQ (the weather had failed us), the food was delicious, but the best part was being made to feel so welcome in the home of virtual strangers. Once dinner and dessert were cleared away we stayed and chatted for a while before watching Tommy’s dad put the bins out. This is more exciting than it sounds. I’m not sure I mentioned that their house is HUGE, but just to put it in proportion, Tommy’s dad got his scooter out and, driving the scooter with one hand, grabbed hold of the bin with the other and dragged it down the driveway, it was that long! I have honestly never laughed so hard at someone taking rubbish out. Gradually everyone (at least those that didn’t live there) disappeared home to bed, and, with our caffeine hit from earlier wearing off, we weren’t far behind. Back at Tommy’s we arranged to meet for lunch tomorrow (he had to be at work in the morning) before heading north again to Seattle.


(PS – Sorry, I failed to take any pictures.)