After checking the weather only to find that there would be patchy sun today and rain tomorrow, we decided that we needed to do all our outdoor sightseeing and picture taking today, while we could actually see the sights. 11am saw us trying to park in downtown Seattle, which is as horrifying as it sounds; eventually we found somewhere that while expensive, was less expensive than some of the other places we had passed. Once parked we made our way to what we thought was the first Starbucks. (Turns out we were wrong, who knew there was a Pike Street AND a Pike Place?!) Blissful in our ignorance we enjoyed our drinks and took pictures, although in hindsight I think the staff were probably laughing at us.

Vegetables - apparently I didn't manage to take a photo of the entrance...

Our next adventure was to explore Pike Place Market and try not to spend too much money. I failed almost immediately when I fell in love with a silly hat. Liz was no help in dissuading me (she said it looked cute!) and I ended up buying it and wearing it for the rest of the day (well, once I had worn it for a while I had to keep it on because I had ridiculous hat hair). We then stumbled across a stall selling gorgeous photographic prints which we just HAD to buy. Luckily, after that we both managed to be a little more restrained, allowing ourselves to look and take pictures, although I was very tempted to buy a replica of the Ocarina of Time… Once we were done in the market we decided to head over to the Space Needle since it was such a clear day, but not too keen on the 13 block walk, we elected to take the monorail instead.

So, WordPress won't rotate this today. For best results, rotate computer screen or tip head by 90 degrees.

Arriving at Seattle Centre, we headed straight for the Space Needle, paid our $18 entry fees and posed for souvenir photos before catching the super speedy elevator to the observation platform. The views over Seattle were incredible, and although there were clouds in the sky, they were interesting clouds rather than the flat grey dull clouds that conspire to ruin photos. After circling the outdoor part of the observation deck a couple of times to take lots of pictures I eventually relocated Liz (I think we had been walking in opposite directions) and we headed inside.

Seattle from the Space Needle

Once inside we found the photo booths where we could select a background for our souvenir photos, which, to be completely honest were a little crap since in many of them the Space Needle looked like Liz was wearing it as a hat. This done, we caught the elevator down to the gift shop and didn’t buy anything (we’re getting better at this). Leaving the Space Needle, we had a wander around Seattle Centre to find some good angles to get pictures of the needle itself rather than from it. Eventually we found a good spot and as is now traditional with famous landmarks, I took pictures of Lizzie cartwheeling in front of it. I was not so adventurous as I wasn’t feeling great, but we managed to line up a picture with me wearing it as a hat. Not long later we returned to the monorail to go back to the car, having decided that Gasworks Park was another thing that we needed to do on a sunny day. Parking was free (finally!) and getting out of the car we went for a wander.

Seattle skyline from Gasworks Park

There was an ulterior motive for visiting Gasworks Park, other than the stunning views of Seattle of course, it was used in 10 Things I Hate About You for the paintball scene. We wandered around taking various photos of old gasworks structures, kind of recognising it from the film. The difficultly arises when you are looking at these places over 10 years after they filmed there, the main sections of machinery were fenced off and very overgrown.

Gasworks Park

It was nice to relax in the sunshine for a bit and once we were done we headed back to Rachel and Matt’s house. We had been invited to join them for dinner which was delicious; Rachel had cooked selection of vegan dishes. After dinner it was starting to get quite late so we headed back down to our room to do some final blogging before going to sleep.