Our choice for today was be ready to leave when Rachel did at 9.15am, or wait until she got back at 11.30am. Can you guess which one we went for? Our morning was slow and lazy, making sure we had everything packed and squeezing in a bit of blogging time. Once Rachel returned, we headed back into Seattle, for a final visit to the first Starbucks, hoping for a better photo and nicer weather. Naturally it started raining as soon as we parked the car. We had a much more enjoyable and less rushed visit to Starbucks than yesterday and managed to take a few more photos (unfortunately including the annoying family that wouldn’t move out of the way!). Sadly, Alex (our fellow St Andrean) was not working until later on, but we left her a can of Irn Bru and a note. Back in the car we headed towards Canada, and after a terrifying moment where I thought the GPS only covered the USA, I managed to find the Canada button. After about an hour we switched and it was Lizzie who drove us across the border, which was surprisingly easy… I think the challenge comes when trying to get back in to the US. (More on that when we try it on Monday)

Welcome to Surrey! Surrey, British Columbia that is.

Really hungry and not wanting to get tied up chatting and not have any time to blog we decided to find a Starbucks for a few hours, preferably one next to a supermarket. The one I had randomly selected just happened to be next to a Safeway… win! There was also a hairdresser, so while Lizzie got on with blogging, I ventured in to ask them to cut my fringe, sorry, “bangs”. My suspicions about the awfulness of my previous fringe cut were correct, she had completely butchered it and cut into one side more than the other. The good news is that the hairdresser here managed to fix it, and now I can see! Back in Starbucks I took my turn with the laptop before we headed to our home for the next few days to meet our couchsurfing hosts. We knew that it was a house with 1 girl and 4 boys, but we weren’t really expecting to be greeted with a strong smell of pot. I’m quite open minded, but do not like to be surrounded with smoke at the best of times, so this might prove to be a challenge. They were all really lovely and welcoming, and when I mentioned I was a little asthmatic, immediately opened some windows and banished all smoking to outside, which was very sweet. We were invited to join them for dinner and had a very enjoyable evening, and at about 9ish, Sophia, who was our official host came home. We eventually headed to bed at around midnight after swapping amusing drunken stories from student years past. We are sleeping in their “bar” which is really cool once you get used to the pungent smell of pot.