Waking up passively stoned from your bedding is quite a surreal experience, and one that we both experienced on a daily basis while staying in Vancouver. Once we were dressed and ready we headed into Vancouver to do some sightseeing. Having discovered that our phones definitely did not work, meeting up with Lizzie’s friend Catherine seemed practically impossible, but, with the iPhone and various areas of free wi-fi we would give it a try. We parked near Yaletown and had a bit of a wander around with much needed cups of tea, before heading over towards Granville Island Market, where we hoped that we would be able to meet up with Catherine.

Granville Island Market - before the sun came out.

It was a bit more difficult to get to than it looked; the bridge that went over to the island kept going over the top and deposited us on the other side. Eventually we located the island and headed into the market in search of lunch, finding a plethora of options, we each chose what we wanted and then headed outside to find somewhere to sit while enjoying the atmosphere and live music outside. Once we were finished we gave up our table to one of the eagerly circling groups of people looking for a place to sit and headed back into the market to have a proper look around. Although many of the crafts were beautiful and the food looked amazing, it was all a little expensive for our budgets, so after a wander around we headed across to another building that had lots of little boutique stores, one of which was an amazing bead shop where you could make your own jewellery. Both of us contemplated making ourselves something, but decided against it because although the beads were cheap, we could see how quickly the prices would add up. There was just time to visit the Kids Market, a wonderful building full of toy shops, before going to meet Catherine at half past 2, with no internet, we had no idea whether she would be able to meet us, so I waited in the agreed meeting place while Liz went to find some wi-fi. Luckily, she logged on to an email from Catherine saying that she was on her way and she arrived a few minutes later. We headed back into the market for some lunch for Catherine and dessert for Lizzie and me before heading over to the Granville Island Brewery to sample some local beer. The tasters came in 4oz glasses shaped like miniature pints and we each tried two beers, my personal favourite was the Raspberry Ale. After a brief trip back into the Kids Market to show Catherine some awesome hats, we went on an adventure to buy food for dinner from the market, following telephone directions from Catherine’s friend Aude, who was cooking for us. Two bags of “Fantastic Falafel”, some lemons and a bunch of parsley later our mission was complete and we headed towards the water to catch the ferry back towards the car.

View of Vancouver from the ferry.

All the clouds of the morning had burnt off and we were treated to wonderful views of the city from the water, and then from the park that we walked through on the way back to the car. On the way back to Aude’s place we stopped off to buy wine and ice cream to have with dinner. Our evening was wonderfully chilled out, with good food, good wine and good company. Aude cooked a delicious Greek inspired meal with falafel, cous cous salad and pitta style wraps which we followed up with ice cream and more wine. (Being the only white wine drinker I fear I had rather more to drink than the others, who kept refilling my glass.) Eventually the time came for us to leave, since we still had to plan tomorrow’s Supernatural location stalking. Back at the House of Weed, we socialised for a while before disappearing down to our room to plan. This look waaaaaaay longer than we thought it would and we did not get to bed until well after 1am, but at least our day was mostly planned.