After our intense planning session of the night before, this morning was the time to scale back a little on our plans for the day, realistically we were not going to get to over 20 filming locations in Vancouver and the surrounding cities. After reducing our locations to a more manageable number, we arranged them into a sensible order and wrote them all down before setting off. (See? Organised stalking.) Our first location was a Denny’s where they had filmed an episode, it seemed a good starting point since we could take pictures of the location, but have breakfast at the same time. During breakfast we used the free wi-fi to find screen shots for the various places that we were visiting and spent quite a while trying to work out exactly which table they had filmed at. Once we thought we had it worked out we willed the people sitting there to leave before us, which they did, and Lizzie ran over to take a picture. Back on the road, we drove through some stressful Sunday traffic to our next location; StanleyPark. It was really busy, being a sunny Sunday, and free parking was not forthcoming. In the end I waited in the car while Lizzie went to take the pictures, I haven’t seen that particular episode yet so it was ok. Our next location was also a case of staying in the car; the apartment building where the demons kept Sam and Dean’s dad in the first season. Luckily, there was a place to pull in right outside and Lizzie took pictures. We then went on to Spartacus Books, an independent bookstore featured in one of the episodes that I haven’t seen yet. It was a very good book shop though and I had to exercise huge amounts of self control not to break my no more books rule. Lizzie has no such rule for herself and left with an armful of books. Our next location was perhaps the most exciting; the house used as the boys home in Lawrence, Kansas. Unfortunately it was actually someone’s house and he was sitting in his front garden, this was going to be awkward. We parked the car and walked up and down the street trying to find the other house used for filming on that street but to no avail, I later spotted that it was actually the same house with a different door. The man then went inside, but we couldn’t take a picture without asking in case he caught us, so we went back to the car.

Sam and Dean's house in Lawrence, Kansas

When driving away, he came back out, so Liz pulled over and I got out. Walking up to his house I asked him if he would mind us taking a couple of photos and explained why. He looked slightly bewildered at first, but I get the impression that we are not the first, and he very kindly moved to one side so we could get good pictures. Thanking him profusely we got back into the car and drove on. Our next stop was George’s Greek Taverna in Richmond, which can be seen in the background in a few important scenes, this in itself is a huge continuity error though, since these scenes are meant to be in different places. Arriving in Richmond we came across a nice looking area called Fisherman’s Wharf with lots of shops and restaurants. Although neither of us were hungry, we decided to stop for a drink to enjoy the sunshine and the atmosphere before continuing on. Liz had a beer and I had a mocktail before we went off in search of George’s Greek Taverna. It was easy to find and we recreated some of the shots from one episode and just took pictures at the crossroads where Dean got hit by a car, not wishing to recreate that.

Me being dead Jess.

Our next stop was a little difficult to find, two roads that have been used in various episodes, but most importantly as the Crossroads in “Crossroad Blues”. (We visited the actual crossroads that these are based on when we were in Mississippi. Right next to the airport we soon discovered that these roads were not open to vehicles, but we found somewhere to pull in and headed down the road towards the crossroads, passing several dog walkers along the way. Once at the crossroads we posed for various silly photos and pretended to dig a hole at the centre point, all the while listening to Robert Johnson’s Crossroad Blues on the iPhone.

Standing at the crossroads

Once we had finished taking pictures, one passerby said that it looked like we were trying to direct planes, Lizzie collected some crossroad dirt and we headed back to the car. Back at the car we realised that our next location was only a block or two on from the crossroads, but time was ticking on and we couldn’t be bothered to go back, so we skipped it. Our next stop was easily recognisable once we found it, the Hookman bridge from “Hook Man” in season 1. It was a short walk along the road, but since it is not on a main road or in a populated area, it looked exactly as it does in the episode, minus the creepy hookman of course.

Hook Man Bridge

Several photos and silly videos later we continued on to our penultimate location of the day. The Riverview Mental Hospital has been used in SO many episodes that we had both assumed that it was no longer an operational medical facility, but it is. As we drove into the vast grounds we passed a sign forbidding any photography, and we realised that it was operational we both felt rather awkward being there, so we just drove through and out the other side, although we did spot some familiar buildings on the way. Our final location was not selected because of a particular episode, but because there is a blooper of sorts available online of one of the actors singing Eye of the Tiger and doing various silly dance moves, one of which is sitting on top of a car and using his leg as a guitar. Naturally this needed to be recreated, but there was no chance that I was climbing onto the roof of the car, so it was down to Liz, who did a very good job.

Eye of the Tiger

Time had caught up with us somewhat and it was a 40 minute drive to where Liz was meeting Catherine and then I had to carry on to meet Sam and Gill (people I worked with in Admissions last year) for dinner. I dropped Liz off at The Local and then drove back towards Sam and Gill’s hotel. On street parking was extortionate so I parked at their hotel, which was a bit of a nightmare, since you have to take the hotel elevator to get out, but they don’t tell you that! We went to a lovely little tapas restaurant for dinner just a few blocks walk from the hotel. Our eyes were rather bigger than our stomachs and in the end we were glad that our waitress stopped us mid order or we would have ended up with far more food than we could eat. It was great to have a chance to catch up with them both and we chatted for ages after we had finished eating. Eventually it was my running out parking that dictated our time to leave and after bidding them goodbye at the hotel I drove to meet Liz and Catherine. I found a parking space right outside the restaurant, and seeing me pull in Liz appeared outside the car window. I joined them for a drink while they finished dinner before we headed back into Downtown to meet Aude and some friends for a few drinks. After a drink in the restaurant while they all finished their meals and a drink in a bar, it was time for us to head home since it was getting late and we didn’t have a key to get in to the House of Weed. Back at the house, we were glad to discover that people were still awake and we gave them the bottles of wine that we had bought as a thank-you and chatted for a while before heading to bed.