After packing up our stuff and the car, we waved goodbye to the House of Weed and headed north towards Buntzen Lake and our final Supernatural filming location before heading back into the USA. The lake was beautiful, and although it was cloudy, it was good for atmospheric Supernatural like photos.

Buntzen Lake (as seen in "Dead in the Water")

Unfortunately the north end of the lake (where they actually filmed) was closed due to flooding, so we only got to see the south side. After a short wander and some pictures we got back in the car to find an Alamo to check in with, since we were already a day late with check in. After an hour of driving we found ourselves in central Vancouver, next to an empty office that had once been an Alamo. The next location we tried did not even have any evidence that it had ever been an Alamo… fail. With our phones not working, we had no choice but to carry on and phone through toBostononce we got back into the US later. It took a further 45 minutes to get out of Vancouver and we were both frustrated with all the time that we had wasted for nothing. Once we had left the city behind, the drive to the border was not too bad and the wait not as long as the signs had suggested. Picking the fastest moving queue, we got to the front quite speedily, hoping that we were not going to have any problems getting back into the US. It was surprisingly easy, and after examining our visas and passports and asking a couple of questions about our trip, he waved us on, after asking whether we knew where Maidenhead was, because he was born there. The rest of the day was spent driving through vastly changeable scenery, at one point I fell asleep in the mountains and woke up in farmland, which was very bizarre. We arrived at the Apple Tree Inn in Spokane just after sunset, and after hauling all our stuff inside, settled down for a quiet evening with a dinner of microwaved cous cous and brie.