I’m bored of getting up early. I’m tired. But, nonetheless, I was out of bed and into the shower when my alarm went off at 7.30am. I know that isn’t really all that early, but when you are sightseeing and driving and stuff it starts to take its toll. After breakfast and repacking the car, we were on the road at about 9.30am. As Liz started driving, I phoned Boston Alamo to assure them that we were still alive and that we had not absconded with their car. They were remarkably blasé about the whole thing, I thought it was IMPERATIVE that we check in on a certain day – at least, that is what they have had us believe for the last 5 months! Anyway, after about an hour on the road Liz asks me if we can stop in Wallace for a photo, and explains that there is a book by Danny Wallace about a town called Wallace which is the centre of the universe and that she would like a picture of herself under the sign, even though she has no idea if it is the right Wallace. I had no problem with this, and, pulling off the motorway we stopped at a small rest stop, which, among other things had a sign welcoming us to Wallace. Once we had taken photos, including one awesome one of Liz mid-jump under the sign, we decided to return to the motorway via the 2 mile historic drive through Wallace. Driving into the town, it suddenly dawns upon Lizzie that this is THE Wallace that is the Centre of the Universe, marked by a drain cover in the middle of a four way intersection in the middle of town. Rather than just take photos and carry on, we decided that we definitely had time in our schedule for a wander around town. We visited a couple of shops and chatted with the owners, who, like in many small towns that we have visited were fascinated by our accents and our roadtrip.

Me in Wallace

After each buying a few things we waited for a break in the (very sparse) traffic to run into the middle of the road to take pictures of the drain cover, quickly moving out of the way as more cars approached.

The Centre of the Universe

Back at the car we each spotted things we liked the look of in the shop we had parked outside and headed in. The shop was amazing and I could have spent a lot more money than I did, both on myself and others. The shopkeeper was really helpful and even told us that if we wanted to take pictures of the drain cover to just walk out into the road and that people would either stop or drive around us, apparently that is just how it works in Wallace. She also told us that a couple had got married there not long ago and the traffic had just driven around them. About 30-40 minutes later, with much lighter wallets we headed back out to the car to continue our epic drive. This epic drive went on for hours, with stops to switch over and to buy supplies for the next couple of nights since where we are staying is quite far from the nearest supermarket. We arrived at the Sawanee Mountain Resort at about 8.20pm, having been screwed over somewhat by moving from Pacific Time to Mountain Time and losing an hour… there goes our evening of blogging. Liz braved cleaning the old milk out of the cool box while I cooked us dinner in the microwave. It worked very well and was actually a reasonable meal, but I am SO looking forward to being able to cook in a kitchen when I get home, rather than sitting cross legged in front of a microwave chopping vegetables in a Tupperware box. We spent the rest of the evening taking turns on the laptop before bed, looking forward to a bit of a lie in before exploring Yellowstone National Park tomorrow.