Impressively for us, we were packed, checked out and on the road by 8.11am. It wasn’t a great morning but we were hopeful that the clouds might burn off before we got to our various photo stops. The first of these was the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone that we missed yesterday. It was very cold, with coats and hats on and hoods up we walked up the boardwalk surrounded by clouds of steam and spray.

The Grand Prismatic Spring (somewhere behind the steam)

Unfortunately, the wind was blowing towards us, which meant that we could only catch glimpses of the spring’s many and impressive colours through gaps in the huge, thick clouds of steam billowing towards us. After a few rather unimpressive photos we headed back to the car to find our next destination, The Dragon’s Mouth Spring. It was quite a long drive punctuated by a bathroom and caffeine stop, reaching the height of 8,300 feet and a bit of snow. It is JUNE! What is wrong with this country?! We also passed Yellowstone Lake which is still mostly covered in ice and snow. (See previous rant on it being June)

Yellowstone Lake

The Dragon’s Mouth was really cool, a cave from which water and steam belch out as if from a dragon’s lair.

Dragon's Mouth

The same stopping point was also home to some rather smelly bubbling pools of mud, I wonder if this is the acid mud that can melt flesh? (As learnt about in the visitor centre yesterday.) After some photos it was time to hit the road again and I took over the driving to take us out of Yellowstone and towards Grand Teton National Park, 20 miles or so south of Yellowstone. The Tetons were impressive, and as they came into view next to Jackson Lake, we were treated to a break in the clouds and fantastic views. Naturally this called for a photo stop before we continued and not long later we had found the Mount Moran overlook and sat in the car to eat our lunch hoping for more of a break in the clouds.

Mount Moran

This was not to be, but our earlier photos were pretty good, so it wasn’t a complete disaster that the top of the mountain had disappeared behind the clouds. All of the Tetons were similarly shrouded with cloud, but we did manage to get some nice photos from theJacksonLakeDamon our way back to the main road. Programming the GPS we discovered that it would take us 7 and a half hours to reach our motel for the night, even though we had already driven for almost 5 hours. We spent the rest of the day driving, trying to reduce this time even a little (this is sometimes pretty easy since if the GPS doesn’t know a speed limit it uses 30mph as its average), with quick stops to switch over. Our only long stop came at dinner time, where we found a petrol station that also made fresh takeaway pizzas and bought one to eat in the car. Neither of us had quite realised how hungry we were and I burnt the roof of mouth trying to eat too quickly. A little over an hour later and we had checked into our quaint independent motel, with just enough time for each of us to spend an hour on the laptop before midnight. Frustratingly I left my camera in the car, so my plans for posting the last week or so of my blog flew straight out of the window.