Today we went toMount Rushmore, there were some presidents faces carved in a mountain. We took pictures. Then we drove to Wall. The End.


Mount Rushmore

I could stop there, but I won’t. Here is the extended version.


I was up at 8 in order to finally upload some of the blogs I had written but not posted. While I blogged Lizzie skyped home and was taken on a virtual tour of the union by Oli… the joys of modern technology. Our motel had a check out time of 10am, which is early by most motel standards, but not dreadful. At 9.30am, with Lizzie still on the phone I jumped into the shower, at 9.40am once I was out, Lizzie showered while I got ready. At 5 to 10 one of the staff knocked on our door and (rather rudely I might add) asked if we wanted to extend our stay for another night, I said that we were just about to leave. Two minutes later another member of staff came to knock on the door, I have never felt so forced out of a hotel in my life. The drive to Mount Rushmore was about an hour and a quarter of scenic and winding roads through the Black Hills, which was really very pretty and enjoyable, apart from the people driving v e r y  s l o o o o w l y in front of us. Arriving at Mount Rushmore we paid $11 for the pleasure of parking in the Abraham Lincoln Parking Garage and then headed towards the Grand View Terrace, which looked like a Dalek in the picture, but sadly not in real life. After walking along the Walk of Flags, one of each state in the union, we reached the terrace and our first uninterrupted view of the mountain. We had been treated to a lovely sunny day (apparently they had snow a couple of days ago) and the sun was not yet high enough to put much of the faces into shadow (as it had done by the time we left).

... and again, slightly more zoomed out.

Me in front of Mount Rushmore... yes I am hovering!

After several photos and hair vs. wind battles, we took the (apparently strenuous) Presidents’ Trail to get a closer look at the sculpture and to visit a reproduction of the artist’s studio. The strenuous part came in where we had to (shock horror!) climb some stairs to get back up to the terrace. This walk took us past a historic viewing terrace which, despite several annoying trees gave us a good view without having to dodge other tourists and their irritating children. Back at the main terrace we took the stairs down for a brief wander around the museum before returning to the terrace for some final photos, after all, we hadn’t yet taken any silly ones. Several jumps and silly poses later we headed back along the Walk of Flags towards the café. Persuaded by Liz, and the drastically lower calorie and fat content, I had a bison burger for lunch, which was nice, but tasted much like beef. Once we had eaten we bid Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln a final farewell and returned to the car. The drive to Wall was about the same length as the drive this morning and true to form, I fell asleep again, waking up not far from Wall. After we had checked into our motel, we realised that at some point today we crossed into the Central Time Zone, so had essentially lost an hour. Since our plans for the evening included massive amounts of blog catch up, this was not a good thing. We went for a brief expedition to Wall Drug, which had been advertised for MILES along the interstate, and came back with ice cream floats instead of drinks, but they were good anyway (and technically drinks). The rest of the evening was spent taking turns on the computer in an attempt to catch up before arriving inIowatomorrow. This is not hugely relevant to the blog, but I have caught a cold. I don’t know where it came from, but after sneezing uncontrollably all afternoon I now have a blocked nose and a headache. I am not impressed.