With a long drive and an oil change ahead of us, it was another early start. Unfortunately, none of the garages in Wall were open at 8am on a Saturday, so looking at the GPS, we found one about 80 miles further along the I-90 in the direction we were heading. Phoning them, it turned out that they were actually just a parts store, but they directed us to a place in town that would be able to help us. After just over an hour of driving we arrived at this gas station/café/garage and while they changed the oil in the car, we went to the café for breakfast. The car was ready before we were, and not long later we were back on the road. I can safely say that the I-90 is one of the most boring roads on the planet! We drove for hours, stopping only to swap over or to fill the car up with gas. We arrived at Karin and Jim’s in Cedar Falls, Iowa just after six and were greeted with open arms. Within a few minutes we were sitting down to a delicious meal with everyone and had a wonderfully relaxing evening sitting outside in the warm and then moving inside when the bugs appeared.