Last time I was in Iowa I felt that I needed a vacation from my vacation, 5 1/2 months in, this is even more true and I was delighted when we decided to stay for an extra night. Nevertheless, our three night stay passed by in a blur of good food and good company, which I will describe briefly here. Sunday started with a delicious family breakfast, and was generally a rather lazy day.

Disa and Eli modelling my hat and sunglasses

We spent most of the afternoon at Disa and Eric’s and while I chatted with Disa while she prepared food for dinner, Eric, Lizzie, Sophie and Eli did some archery in the garden. The evening was spent back at Karin and Jim’s for a BBQ followed by a trip out for ice cream, both of which were delicious. Monday morning was extremely slow, with our only real activity being the frantic last minute search for somewhere to stay in Chicago. After lunch with Jim and Karin, Eric and Sophie picked us up to see the new X-Men movie at the (lovely, air-conditioned) cinema, since it was far to hot to be outside. The movie was fantastic and we went back to Disa and Eric’s briefly before going out to dinner. Dinner at the restaurant was amazing and I ate far too much, particular mention must go to the chocolate souffle, which Eli also seemed to enjoy!

Eli "enjoying" his chocolate souffle (and trying to say cheese at the same time!)

As I mentioned earlier on, this visit went by all to quickly and I am already planning my next visit!