Our plan for another full day exploring was a little disrupted by the weather, the torrential rain, thunder and lightening did not do a good job of enticing us from our bed. After a lie in we got up and showered, once I was dressed I went our for a Quick walk to find a guitar shop that my dad uses to say hello to someone for him. The guy wasn’t there, but I left him a note and wandered around the store and took some pictures for my dad who has never actually been there. Back at the house neither of us could really be bothered so we watched TV for a couple of hours before eventually heading out at about 4ish to catch the bus into town. Getting off at Navy Pier we walked along the waterfront to find Buckingham Fountain, the spiritual beginning of Route 66 which we passed by several months ago, with the water turned off and closed for cleaning and repairs.

Buckingham Fountain

Today, however, it was clean, fixed and sending a plume of water high into the air, so high in fact that we spotted it over a row of trees as we approached.

...and again.

After several photos we took a wander through Millennium Park before catching the bus up towards the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We had our usual avocado egg rolls, but barely had room to share a slice of cheesecake after a plate of egg rolls each and a cocktail. Both of us were feeling a bit tired at this stage, so instead of heading miles uptown in search of a very cool sounding sports bar with batting cages on the roof, we headed back to Jenny and Jeffs. We arrived back just in time to bid them farewell and to thank them for putting us up at the last minute. We headed to bed not long later, but watched a little TV before going to sleep.