We needed to move the car by 8am, so we left a few minutes early for our long drive to Toronto. Today was essentially all driving, stopping to switch places, fill up with gas and get lunch. The afternoon consisted of more driving, crossing the border in Canada and then getting stuck in a mammoth traffic jam. (Unlike the Bison Jam in Yosemite, this was not caused by a Mammoth, it was just kind of big.) We were stuck in almost stationary traffic for two hours, and eventually discovered that a gas tanker had gone over the side of the road and they were trying to recover it. With our cell phones once again failing us (Stupid AT&T not working in Canada) we stopped at a gas station and after Lizzie unsuccessfully did battle with the pay phone, were allowed to use their phone to call Lizzie’s friend Ashley to tell her we were going to be late. We eventually arrived at Ashley’s in time for the final 5 minutes of the hockey game, which we watched before playing musical cars with Ashley’s slightly weird landlady to get ours off the street which is permit only. With the car sorted, we unloaded our stuff and chatted with Ashley for a while before heading to bed.