After a bit of a late night, we had a slow lazy morning. Ashley made us some delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast and we watched movies. By the time we were ready it was already afternoon and our first stop was a starbucks to phone home, since it is both of our mother’s birthdays today. While Lizzie managed to speak to hers, mine was incommunicado, but I managed to leave her a message, she did miss out on me singing down the phone though. Daughterly duties completed, we headed into central Toronto on the subway, with a free ride due to the fact that there was no-one in the ticket booth, even though we waited a while. “Woofstock” was on, and after negotiating hundreds of dogs and their owners we made our way to the market where we had planned to buy lunch. Some cheese, some bread and some butter tarts later we found a picnic table outside for our feast, which was delicious.

A spray painted bike in Toronto; it's become quite famous on the web apparently.

Ashley then took us for a wander around various neighbourhoods, where we stopped off in shops as an when we felt like it, but didn’t actually end up buying anything. We went to the CN tower to take pictures, but not to go up, since that was pretty expensive and it wasn’t the nicest of days for a good view of the city.

The CN tower.

By the time we had done this we were all flagging a little, so after visiting a few more shops, headed back to Ashley’s to watch a movie and drink wine. Once we had decided we were hungry it was a bit late, but we eventually found somewhere in budget that was still serving, a nice Greek place not far from Ashley’s place. We then headed home to watch the rest of the movie before bed.