Today was our Niagara Falls day, and we were out by 10, after some more musical car shenanigans with Ashley’s landlady. It took about 2 hours to get there and to park, since there was an event on in the area, which we hadn’t realised. By the time we had eventually parked we were starving, so grabbed some food before heading out to actually look at the falls.

Horseshoe falls

They were incredible; it is difficult to describe the sheer volume of water crashing down, the plumes of spray rising high in the air and the noise that all of this makes. As we walked down towards Maid in the Mist, we took lots of pictures of both the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and of the smaller American Falls.

...and again

We had planned to come back later for even more photos but when it clouded over we were very glad to have taken some pictures in the sunshine. We joined the short ticket queue for Maid in the Mist, and within 15 minutes were boarding the boat, complete with a blue plastic poncho each.

American Falls

We were some of the last people onto the boat, but managed to get a good viewing spot next to the railing on the top deck.


The Maid in the Mist was an amazing experience, literally taking us right up to the falls themselves, where the noise of the water is thunderous and you cannot see for the amount of spray that surrounds you. Although we had to pause a few times to dry off our cameras, we managed to get some pretty good close up pictures of the falls.

some mist!

Unfortunately it was over far too quickly, and the boat started heading back to the dock. We moved to the back to get some final pictures and were quite surprised to be asked if we were twins. (We’ve got used to being asked if we are sisters, but twins?!)

Horseshoe falls from the boat.

We were literally the last people off the boat since we took the opportunity of everyone crowding to the exit as a chance to take some pictures without a sea of people in blue ponchos in the foreground.

another picture from the boat

Opting to keep our ponchos, we then walked away from the falls in search of some free wi-fi so Lizzie could call her Dad on his birthday. This mission failed miserably, even after a trip to the car for the laptop and a walk up to the casino which apparently had free wifi in the Starbucks there. It didn’t work, we could see it but not connect. Having given up we started to walk back to the car, but walking through the lobby of the casino, the iPhone suddenly managed to connect to the wi-fi, so Liz was able to wish her dad Happy Birthday.

Close up of the Horseshoe Falls.

A different angle.


After a few more photos of the falls, we went back to the car to drive back to Toronto. We were pretty hungry by the time we got back, and Ashley joined us for dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant. The service was a little hit and miss, but the food was incredible, with plenty left for lunch tomorrow. After dinner, we moved the car to somewhere that it could stay overnight and were not up for long before going to bed since Lizzie and I were planning to leave by 7am tomorrow.