Today involved a lot of driving. Ten hours of driving to be exact. We left Ashley’s at 7am, and had crossed the border back into the USA by about 8.30am. Wanting to get to Spencer’s (a friend of Lizzie’s from St Andrews) at a reasonable time we only took short stops all day, eating in the car while the other person was driving. We arrived at Spencer’s at about 5.30 and after a much needed cup of tea and a chat, we walked down into Groton for dinner. Dinner was at a lovely Italian place with a package store next door where you went to buy your own alcohol. After dinner we headed back to Spencer’s and spent the evening playing board games, chatting and watching TV, which was wonderful. The only damper on the evening was when we checked our group bank account to see how it was looking to find that we only had £12.02 left and just over a week and two expensive cities to go. It seems that our estimations of how much gas would cost to get us back across the country were quite far out. After a little panic, we opted to definitely camp at Bar Harbour (our next stop) since that would only cost us $20 per night, and try to do Boston and New York as cheaply as possible.