After a bit of a lie in, we got up to register, since that had to be done before 10am, and then went back to bed with our books for a while. At about 11ish we got up and headed into the town of Bar Harbour for some breakfast. We were starting to despair after finding nothing but restaurants serving lobster, when we came across a restaurant called “Jeanie’s Breakfast”, which looked promising. It was amazing, and after a delicious cooked breakfast, we vowed to come back for more of the same tomorrow before heading south to Boston.

Bar Harbour

Bar Harbour was obviously a town which relies heavily on the tourist trade, but this was great for us since there were lots of lovely little gift shops where we managed to find gifts for most of the people that we still had to buy for. We went back to move out car just as the parking warden was coming around, and when I asked him how the system works he said since he had just marked our car (with chalk – a very high tech system) we could stay for another two hours. We did some more shopping and wandered down to the waterfront to take some pictures of the boats and the stunning views. After double checking that the internet café would still be open upon our return, we took a scenic drive through Acadia National Park towards Bass Harbour Lighthouse, which we just had to see, since it is the photo on our National Park Pass, and we have been looking at it for six months.

Bass Harbour Lighthouse

It was quite a long drive, with several stops for photos along the way. Unfortunately, the photo of the lighthouse that we wanted to recreate appeared to have been taken from a boat, in an area that is not accessible to the general public. This was a little disappointing, but we got to see the lighthouse itself which was the main thing.

Something we found along the way...

We then headed back to Bar Harbour by another route to use the internet for an hour before finding somewhere for dinner. We decided to check out a newly opened vegetarian café, which although a little expensive, was delicious, and the portions were so huge that we had plenty left to take away for lunch the next day. We headed back to the campsite to rationalise the car ready to return it tomorrow before heading back out to investigate the public showers, which were a little expensive at $2 per 4 minutes, but were clean and had plenty of hot water. After drying our hair a little by blasting the heating in the car, we went back to the campsite to hang out by our neighbours campfire for a bit before going to bed.