Today was a sad day, today, we said goodbye to the car, who has been with us for so many miles. (About 23,000!) We were up at 6 and after packing up the car, stopped off for breakfast in town before hitting the road. Breakfast was as delicious as yesterday, and the service was so quick that we were on our way by half past 7. We arrived at our hotel in Wakefield (just north of Boston – the closest we could afford), at about half 12ish and although it was too early to check in, the lady at the front desk let us pile all of our stuff into a locked function room for safekeeping until later on. With the car empty, we headed back to downtown Boston to return it to Alamo. After a battle with the GPS, we finally found it, and drove up to the 7th floor to the Alamo returns section. As we pulled into the space we were greeted by Don, one of the managers, who we have spoken to numerous times over the last few months. A few photos later, we bid Elliot (numberplate was 192 LE8, LE8 = Elliot) a fond farewell and took the elevator down to the main office to sort out the paperwork. This didn’t take very long and we then walked down to South Station to do battle with public transport to get us back to the hotel. Back at the hotel we shifted all our stuff to our room then collapsed on our respective beds and although we did a little repacking, spent much of the evening doing not much at all, other than ordering pizza for dinner.

( A collection of Elliot photos to follow…)