Today we had planned to do the Harvard Tour, but due to the forecast thunderstorms both the 10am and the 2pm tours were cancelled. We decided that we couldn’t be bothered to go into Boston in this sort of weather, given that the only thing we had left to do was the Harvard tour, having spent a week in Boston earlier in the trip. After showering, watching some tv and attempting to rationalise all of our stuff, we decided that we were far too hungry, so headed out to find some breakfast/lunch. The first place we stumbled upon was a local diner, with breakfast, lunch and dinner on the menu, perfect. It did seem to be a bit of a local place for local people, and we were stared at a little, but the staff were friendly enough. True to form, we went for breakfast, and I had the most delicious French toast that I have ever had. On the way back to the hotel I decided to see how much it would be to have a French manicure, something I have been planning to do while in the US but haven’t yet got around to. They were able to fit me in later in the afternoon, so we headed back to the hotel to watch TV for a couple of hours before heading back out. Lizzie came with me to have her eyebrows tinted, but she was done and had headed back before I was even seen. Eventually, an hour after my original appointment time I was asked to head down to the spa, where the manicurist apologised profusely for the delay. (The receptionist couldn’t have cared less and didn’t tell me there was a delay until I asked after waiting for 40 minutes!) I’ve never had a manicure before and it was very enjoyable, and I left with strict instructions not to touch anything for a while so I didn’t chip my nails. Once my nails were sufficiently dry the rest of the evening was spent alternating between watching TV and repacking our suitcases in an attempt to get something that we could actually manage to carry since we no longer have a car. 😦