We had booked our taxi for 12noon and planned to go to breakfast, but Lizzie had a photo disaster that definitely took precedence over these plans. Luckily, Daddy Quill managed to retrieve the photos by remotely accessing her computer, but it was a tense and stressful hour whilst we waited to see if the pictures could be recovered. All the stuff that we had planned to sell on Craigslist had not sold, so we were left with a whole load of stuff to take to a charity shop, but none of the local ones accepted anything but clothes. Luckily, one of the ladies who worked in the hotel was going camping in the summer and was happy to take all of the camping stuff off our hands. Unfortunately we didn’t get anything for it, but at least it has gone to a good home rather than landfill! Our taxi dropped us off just outside the bus terminal, where a kind lady directed us to a desk where they called a man with a trolley to take our bags to the gate. While I waited with the bags, Lizzie went to pick up our tickets, but unfortunately they needed to see the bags, so we dragged them over to be weighed and labelled, before returning to the gate. Lizzie went off in search of lunch/breakfast for us while I waited with all the stuff, and just before 2pm we loaded the stuff onto the bus and found our seats. Several episodes of Gossip Girl later, I was feeling a little travel sick, but more importantly, we were only an hour away from New York. Since most of the occupants of the bus had got off at Hartford, Connecticut, there were lots of empty seats, so I moved to the seats in front to look out of the window and doze for the remainder of the journey. We arrived at Port Authority right on time, and after struggling with all the bags up to the main entrance, hailed a taxi to take us up to Reed’s place. (Reed is a friend of mine from St Andrews, who very kindly agreed to let us stay with him in New York for our last few nights, saving us literally hundreds of dollars!) The taxi was a great deal cheaper than we had expected, and Reed was waiting for us at the front door, with the doorman, to help us with all of our bags. Once we had got everything up to the apartment, we chilled out for a while before going out for dinner with Reed and his friend Heli who is visiting from Finland. We eventually settled on a Greek restaurant where we had a wonderful meal, followed by drinks at a nearby bar. I am pretty sure that I was the reason that we headed home after a couple of drinks since I was completely exhausted and almost falling asleep at the table. The others stayed up chatting over a few beers but I went almost straight to bed when we got back.