Our plans to get up and out bright and early flew straight out of the window and we enjoyed a lie in and then went out for breakfast with Heli at a place that Reed had recommended to us. It was busy but the food was good and the portions enormous – none of us managed to finish. After breakfast Lizzie and I headed back to the apartment to shower and Heli disappeared off to go adventuring. Although we had great plans for the day, neither of us were feeling particularly energetic, so we watched the last two episodes of Gossip Girl before showering and heading out, armed with the laptop and hoping to spend some time blogging, while the other used Skype on the iPhone. Unfortunately, none of the Starbucks in the area we were in had any seating at all, so our only option was to use the wifi on the iphone briefly, since there was nowhere that we could plug the laptop in. Sad times. After our Starbucks failure, we wandered around a few shops, where I continued my search for a floaty top but to no avail. We ended up in Times Square, and since I had plans to meet Rabi and Stuart for dinner, Lizzie headed home and I went off to meet them.


I arrived rather early, but found a convenient bookshop which kept me occupied until it was time to go and meet them. It was so good to see them again, we ate in a really nice Italian restaurant that had some of the nicest (and most authentic) pizza I’ve had in a while. We finished our meal with a trio of delicious gelato (olive oil, dark chocolate and grapefruit campari) which was amazing; the flavours although they sound bizarre went together remarkably well. Since it was still early, and a nice evening we wandered around Washington Square Park for a while, listening to people playing piano (there is a project that has put grand pianos around the city for people to play) and generally people watching and chatting, we also spent a while playing with the colour select mode on my camera.

Piano...with added "colour selection mode" fun!

They then decided to take me to their favourite cupcake bakery which only makes miniature cupcakes. We bought 6 mini cupcakes which we shared, they were so nice, I can see why it is their favourite. I wonder if they ship internationally…? On second thoughts… I’m not sure the cupcakes would taste as great after crossing the Atlantic. Once we had demolished our cupcakes (a few minutes after leaving the store) we found ourselves in Union Square where we found a place to sit and spent the next hour or so playing cards and chatting. At around 10pm I headed back to Reed’s where I found Lizzie and Reed sitting in the den with empty pizza boxes, great minds think alike and all that! I blogged for a short while before heading to bed, planning to actually do some proper sightseeing tomorrow.