After our early night last night, we were actually up and out at a reasonable time, and headed to Starbucks for breakfast (and free wi-fi of course). We managed to get everything we needed to do online done, including finding some Gossip Girl locations in the city to visit during the day.

Arty Yellow Cab shot...

After a brief trip back to the apartment to drop off the laptop, we headed a few blocks north to our first destination. Our first two locations are both used for external shots of the schools in Gossip Girl. While they were recognisable, they did not look as they do in the TV show, which was a little disappointing.

The school steps from Gossip Girl

This left us at about 100thSt, right next to Central Park, so rather than walk back down the road, we walked through the park instead. It was a beautiful day and we strolled slowly around the reservoir towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After finding some (expensive) ice-cream, we sat to eat it on the steps of the Met, while enjoying the sunshine.

Ice cream on the Met steps. 🙂

Since we were so close to the apartment, it made sense to pop back there for a drink rather than paying for one, so we did that before walking south this time towards Ralph’s Candy Bar, featured in Gossip Girl, but worth a visit in its own right; 3 floors of sugary, calorific goodness!

Ralph's Candy Bar

The store was really amazing, and I had to be very restrained not to buy too much stuff, I did however bow to pressure and was talked into tasting some fudge, which was delicious, but really expensive, so I didn’t get any. Bags of sweets in hand we headed a few blocks west to Central Park, where we bought cold drinks and found a shady spot to sit for a few minutes before walking around the pond. (Once again this is a Gossip Girl location, but we would have visited it even if it hadn’t been.)

Duck Pond in Central Park

Since it was such a nice afternoon, the pictures came out pretty well. Unfortunately during our walk Lizzie discovered that her passport was missing from her handbag, which was rather worrying. We caught the subway back up to the apartment to make sure that it was there, luckily it was, hidden in the folds of the sheet on Lizzie’s bed. It was so hot outside and on the subway that we sat down with the fan on for a while before heading back out refreshed.

Brooklyn Bridge

We caught the subway down to Brooklyn Bridge and walked across it, something that we had both wanted to do while in NYC but hadn’t managed to squeeze in before. The lovely weather held and it was quite a pleasant walk, although the bridge was quite crowded with pedestrians and cyclists. By the time we reached the other side we were too tired and hungry to look for the loft from Gossip Girl, and headed straight to the subway to go over to Greenwich Village for dinner. We returned to Benny’s Burritos, an amazing Mexican which we visited the last time we were in NYC in January. It is quite popular (always a good sign) so we waited at the bar with some delicious raspberry frozen margaritas until there was a table for us. It was ready much quicker than expected and we were soon sitting down to order our food. Lizzie went for the same as she had last time and I went for a chicken quesadilla, which was amazing, but huge, and I didn’t manage to finish it. Since the food appeared (and disappeared) so quickly, we were ready long before we had arranged to meet Rabi, Stuart, Reed and Heli, and mindful of the queue for tables, we paid up and went to wait at the park just down the street.

Art on the Subway

It was starting to get dark and the park was full of fireflies which was really cool. We took turns going to check if the others were waiting at the restaurant, and Lizzie reappeared with Rabi and Stuart in tow and we heard from Reed and Heli that they would come along later on.


We headed back to Cubby Hole, a bar that we had visited in January, which was busy, but good fun. We spent a couple of hours there chatting over drinks, Reed and Heli eventually managed to locate us and joined us for a drink or two before we all called it a night.

Reed eating a rainbow...

Smiley happy people... and some weirdo at the front!