The flght itself was uneventful, although me trying to change into my pyjama bottoms while sitting in my seat was no doubt amusing for the people around me, particularly Liz, who drew more attention to me by laughing! I watched the new Narnia film, which was pretty good and eventually managed to get a bit of sleep before we landed back in the UK first thing in the morning. After landing we went straight through passport control to baggage claim, where we took it in turns to wait for the bags and to change/make ourselves slightly more presentable after the long flight. Predictably, one of our bags was the very last one out, so the parents must have been getting pretty bored waiting for us. All bags claimed we went through to meet the family, excited to see them after six months. Jim (my brother) and Alex (Lizzie’s brother) were holding up a handmade sign (complete with flashing lights) welcoming us back and we were quickly enveloped in hugs from our parents, and then each others! Lizzie’s mum said to me, “Thank you so much for not wanting to go to Mexico, I was so worried!”. (Good to know that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want us to go.) One the tearful reunions were over, Lizzie and I opened up the extra suitcase and divided our stuff, before we all headed over to Costa for breakfast before hitting the M25 to go home and attempt to fit back into the real world.



The End.