After an earlyish start, we left Spencer’s when he left for work. We headed straight for the nearest Starbucks for some last minute planning and sorting out which we had to get done. After almost two hours we still weren’t done, but decided to get on the road and find more internet later on. We were delighted to discover that the outlets that we had earmarked to visit were only 40 minutes away so less than an hour later we pulled up to GAP. Once there we tried on lots of clothes and spent lots of money. We also visited Banana Republic, where Liz bought a gorgeous dress. Unfortunately we then had to head back to Starbucks, to start the attempt at selling all our camping stuff and tick off the rest of the things on our to do list that required the internet. It felt like no time had passed and we suddenly realised that it was almost 4pm, and with a “first come, first served” campsite, we really needed to get there. The driving was much like it always is; swapping back and forth with the occasional stop for gas, and some Chinese food for dinner. By the time we arrived at Bar Harbor it was after 9pm and we had to ask for directions to the campsite. Luckily for us it was easy to find, and after hours registration only involved selecting an available campsite and registering in the morning. We set up the tent in the rain, got ready for bed and curled up in our sleeping bags to listen to the rain, which was very relaxing and we were soon asleep. Rainy camping is much nicer when it isn’t freezing cold!